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Bed Liner Paint - Do It Yourself And Save. Also the thick coating, which includes plenty of rubbery texture material, is excellent insulation. It's better to damage the liner than the bed itself. It can be damaged, but there's a lot of material between the damage and your bed metal. It's not that the liner material is impossible to damage. There will never be a poor fit problem with a spray on liner. But any truck gets a custom liner with a spray liner. Especially older trucks may have few options for a custom liner. Here are reasons why spray coatings may be the best choice. Truck bed liner choices offer several completely different options. Visit our site for more tips about the best truck bed mats. A typical liner mat costs about one-tenth the cost of a professional spray on liner. On the other hand, rubber mats are almost impossible to damage. Get more tips about how to get the best roll on bed liners at our blog. It isn't nearly as durable as a much more expensive professional coating, but it may be plenty good enough. A paint on liner is a perfect way to fix up an older truck. Truck bed paint takes a little longer. Spray on liners cure almost instantly.