A poorly fitting liner may vibrate and wear away paint under the bed liner.

Ready to choose a bed liner for your truck? The spray in liner if damaged must be re-coated and looks bad in the meantime. With a removable liner, like a rubber mat, you can replace the mat when it's torn and damaged. Are There Disadvantages Of Spray On Liners? A spray on liner complements the look of a new truck and can completely transform the look of an older truck. And spray on coatings just look good too and stay that way since most coatings are UV resistant so they won't gray and chalk in the sun. Professional coatings are up to 1/4 inch thick. Al Bullington writes about his pickup truck projects. Often attempts at protecting the bed of a truck may result in more harm than good. That's because the paint used is not the same as a professional liner. The disadvantage is you only get protection on the bottom of the bed, not on the sides. Also poor fitting liners generate irritating wind noise too. Older trucks and less common trucks may have no other premium liner options available. Savika, Pinky "Introduction to Spray on Bed Liner." Introduction to Spray on Bed Liner. It does not damage or tear surfaces, and it protects the metal. Spray on bed liner are available in several colors apart from the standard black but they need regular maintenance otherwise it loses its luster. Make sure that the bed liner has fully dried up before placing materials or walking over it otherwise all hard work and money will go waste. Get the scoop on the best bed liner choices... Visit our site for more plastic bed liner - tips. A drop in truck bed liner solves several problems. If money is an option, the plastic liners are worth a closer look. What's funny is the price is less than half the price of a typical professional spray coating.

Spray On Bed Liner Or A Rusty Mess. It isn't hard, but careful prep work is key to a bed liner coating that lasts and looks just like you want it to. It looks almost just like a much more expensive spray on liner. Putting on truck bed paint couldn't be easier. Getting the bed prepared to paint is what is often left out in the Herculiner review. The professional liner is a different material and it's much thicker. Get more tips for your own Dupli-Color Truck Bed Liner - too. With that said, a do it yourself bed liner that's rolled on looks just like it was sprayed on. Here's why... A professional spray on liner is different from a do it yourself liner. It's made to be either sprayed on or even rolled or brushed on. We just put on a roll on bed liner and here are three tips based on what we learned. Get our description of how roll on bedliners - work by visiting our website... Roll on bedliners are a cheap way to get a bed liner. Putting the paint on is fast and easy if you have the surface prepared properly. The bed liner made our truck look far better and it's holding up well. Check out his newest website about truck bed mats

Careful preparation before application is a must for a sprayed on liner.

Getting the surface to be coated properly cleaned and sanded is key to a successful bed liner project. It's not so. Thick bed liner paint settles as it dries and all the roller or brush marks just fade away. Actually applying the bed liner paint is the easiest part of the whole project. Just washing won't do. Paint can't stick to a greasy waxed surface. Especially for older trucks, the do-it-yourself coating certainly improves looks. But for many applications, a paint on bed liner works well enough. A professional spray on liner is permanent, tough, durable and repairable. No matter how careful you are, some hauling jobs will damage the bed paint. But if you haul most anything, even just groceries, you risk scratching the paint on the truck bed. Pickup trucks are made for hauling things. Do you really need a bed liner and if so would another type of liner be just as good as a spray on liner? But is an expensive bed liner really necessary or just a fad? A bed mat can be rubber or carpet and is a piece made to fit the bottom of the bed. Make sure the drainage in your bed is working and that water doesn't stay trapped under your plastic liner since trapped water under the liner is a place for rust to start. Plus these liners are considerably cheaper than a spray on liner. Thick plastic liners are nearly indestructible. Not as sleek looking as the spray in liners these liners still look good and are very practical. 

 Also the coating is skid proof and cushioning because the material contains rubber granules which provide texture. A spray on liner can be had in several colors to complement the finish on your truck, but just plain old black looks great. A very popular option is the professional spray on liner. Try hauling a few concrete blocks without scratching the paint from your truck bed. Check out his newest website about truck bed mats. Remember though that's it still paint applied to your truck bed and treat it accordingly. For example, often plastic drop in liners hide water underneath until it's too late. The damage is reparable by a respray, but the coating is not immune to damage. Skip those steps and the bed liner coating may very well be gone with the wind. Since professional coatings come with a guarantee, you can rest assured that no step gets skipped. Since it's a spray on coat, every liner is a custom fit. Rhino Linings introduced a rubber-like two part polyurethane coating that can be sprayed very thick. Part of the savings you get with doing a bed liner yourself is simply using less material. Most of the bed liner in a kit products use one to one and a half gallons of material compared to five or six gallons of material in a Rhino liner. A bed liner kit you get will have a single part polyurethane material most likely. If you are considering applying a bed liner yourself, Rhino bed liners are the standard of comparison. Up to five to six gallons of material is applied to a truck bed.

Bed liner spray works well for a number of reasons.

The volume of material applied as compared to some other alternative coatings is high. The thick coatings applied produce a durable surface, difficult to penetrate. See the many options for do it yourself bed liners at our website. A DupliColor Bed Liner is a great way to improve the looks of your pickup without spending much money. The thicker the truck bed coating, the better. For bed liner comparisons see our bed liners resource site. If the liner is not well secured in place, it can move around and rub off paint from the bed. Make sure your bed can drain well if you use a plastic liner. Why Not A Plastic Bed Liner? Don't worry, your truck bed is protected! Since plastic is so tough, you can really use your truck to haul most anything with no fear of damaging your expensive ride. In contrast, a plastic liner is thicker than many other liners and virtually indestructible. Concrete blocks are going to scrape and scar your expensive spray on liner. 

A spray on bed liner is probably the most popular form of bed liner. Liner paint formulations result in fast curing and the time your truck is down for lining is very short. What's more, with a spray liner you always get a perfect fit. Here are reasons to choose a spray on coating for your pickup. Spray on coatings work well for a number of fairly simple reasons. Visit our site for tips about bed liner paint. Firstly, the professional coating is sprayed with special equipment and is formulated to be fast drying and very tough and UV resistant. A finish you apply yourself can really make your truck look great when combined with repairs of the existing damage to your bed. There are many suppliers of bed paint including Herculiner, Magnaliner, Plasti-Kote and Durabak. An alternative to a pro applied liner is bed liner paint you can apply yourself. Even just hauling groceries is a quick way to scratch the factory paint on your truck bed. A bed liner is almost a necessity if you're actually going to use your truck to haul anything.